Friday, 22 October 2010

Photo shoot!

The company I work for is really into healthcare and we're working on some exciting projects in the sphere of healthcare and allowing people with conditions to take charge of their own health. Because I'm lactose intolerant I've become the go-to person for lactose intolerance, which is one of the conditions we're working around. My @Lacto_X twitter feed is getting plenty of attention which is great!

Part of the work we're doing involves getting people with conditions such as lactose intolerance, or who are in the process of finding out about their health and taking charge to come forward and tell us their story. And have their photo taken. So I've just been shot (in the photographic sense) for my part in the exercise, and I've got to write around 150 words about my experience with lactose intolerance.

I'll post up a link to the people-stories when it's done!